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    Welcome to the UWA PMSS Forums!

    The full forum is not visible to non-members. Become a member and inside you will find study resources, opinion pieces by practicing podiatrists and a whole heap of information and support during your studies.

    The forum is new, PMSS will be adding content, but it is a place to learn and contribute.

    If you have a question please search the forum first, the topic may have been raised before.


    For new general comments/questions head to the General Q&A forum. Why not also drop in here if you think you are are podiatry whizz-kid and would like to help others by answering questions and contributing to discussions.

    The Resources forum is the place you will find study notes, advice and resources.

    The “Shoe Box” articles are coming and will provide a great range of perspectives on practicing and the profession so be sure to check those out as they are released.

    If you want to keep things a bit more private head to your year’s specific discussion forum. You’ll find them on the main forum page.

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