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    These guidelines provide a protocol for communication within the Podiatric Medicine Students Societies committee. As part of the committee’s work communication will occur:

    1. Between committee members

    2. Between committee members and PMSS members

    3. Between committee members and non-PMSS members, including staff, sponsors and students

    These guidelines aim to make all of this communication respectful, professional, and transparent.

    Guidelines for communication

    1. Communication by PMSS committee members should strive to:

    a. be professional

    b. be respectful

    c. answer questions in a timely manner

    2. Formal communication within the committee, for example meeting requests and notices of motion, are to be made in writing via official ‘’ email addresses or the PMSS committee Facebook page. This communication should be kept on file for at least the period of service of that committee.

    3. Any written communication relating to an issue to be discussed at an upcoming PMSS committee meeting, for example notices of motion or explanatory notes, should be disseminated to committee members prior to that PMSS meeting.

    4. To avoid misunderstanding or confusion, general discussion between committee members outside of committee meetings about committee issues should be made face to face, or via telephone. If communicating with social media it should be limited to a single social media post with 1 level of comments, and new posts for each separate issue raised.

    5. All actions by PMSS committee members in the course of their duties as committee members should be communicated to the committee at the first opportunity. Where possible, this communication should be in writing.

    6. Representations made by PMSS committee members on behalf of PMSS should not be made without at least prior discussion and preferably prior authorisation via a vote of the PMSS committee.

    7. PMSS committee members should keep in mind that all communication with non-members is seen by default as a reflection of PMSS opinions and decisions. Committee members should therefore communicate with non-members accordingly.

    8. When voting on an issue, all PMSS committee members should be allowed sufficient opportunity to speak to the issue being voted on.

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