The Committee

The current PMSS committee was elected by members at the 2022 General Meeting and became active at the start of 2023.

Executive Committee

President: Stefan Berbece (3rd year)

Vice President:  David King (3rd year)

Secretary: Karishma Velugula (3rd year)

Treasurer: Kaitlan Lee (2nd year)

General Committee

The General Committee comprises twelve members representing all year groups who are responsible for a range of portfolios. Each member contributes to the various activities of the committee, as well as representing the interests of their respective year groups.

Education rep:  Hamna Khan (2nd year)

Social reps: Lilly Smith (3rd year), Tom Liang (2nd year)

Dinner reps: Marianela Pereira (3rd year), Genevieve Le (2nd year)

Media officer: Krystal Liang (2nd year)

3rd year rep: Smriti Singh

2nd year rep: Stephanie Haines

1st year rep: Judy Wu

General committee: Teba Al Taey (3rd year), Jaby Bacus (3rd year), Jigme Wangmo Dorji (2nd year)

The PMSS committee organises and implements all of the academic and social functions that take place throughout the year.