The Committee

The current PMSS committee was elected by members at the 2022 General Meeting and became active at the start of 2023.

Executive Committee

President: Gareth Cooper (3rd year)

Vice President: Stefan Berbece (2nd year)

Secretary: Alinda Lee (3rd year)

Treasurer: Matt Pranoto (2nd year)

General Committee

The General Committee comprises twelve members representing all year groups who are responsible for a range of portfolios. Each member contributes to the various activities of the committee, as well as representing the interests of their respective year groups.

Education rep:  Smriti Singh (2nd year)

Social reps: Lilly Smith (2nd year) , Madawee Wickramage (3rd Year)

Dinner reps: Marianela Pereira (2nd year), Karishma Velugula (2nd Year)

Media officer: Alex Toh (3rd year)

3rd year rep: Emily Lennon

2nd year rep: David King

1st year rep: Stephanie Haines

General committee: Sharlene Vu , Anthony Gielens (3rd Year), John Bacus (2nd Year)

The PMSS committee organises and implements all of the academic and social functions that take place throughout the year.